5 & 6 June 2018
Suntec Convention Centre Hall 401 & 402

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Sustainable Solutions Expo 2018

The SSE aims to facilitate business opportunities as identified by the SDGs and also how the solutions can help create a low carbon future. The event focuses on bringing together regional SMEs on solutions they have that big businesses can adopt and opportunities that investors can fund. The SSE also creates a conducive and collaborative environment for businesses in Singapore and the region to grow together creating a sustainable supply chain that is future proof.


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28 May 2018


Participate SSE by 4 May 2018


Three Thematic Areas

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy exhibition will feature solutions that are designed and marketed with maximising the life of the product cycle. Building on circular supply chains that increases the rate of recycling, reusing and remanufacturing could generate US$1 trillion annually globally by 2025.

Food & Agriculture

The Food & Agriculture exhibition will feature revolutionised solutions that leads to sustainable food production and consumption. Agriculture represents 10% of global GDP and adopting sustainable business models in agriculture, food production, distribution and retailing could produce business opportunities worth US$1 trillion in 2030.


The Connectivity exhibition will feature inclusive Internet of Things (IoTs) and elements of transportation/logistics solutions that impact day to day operations. With technology disruption, the IoTs will create an economic opportunity of approximately US$11.1 trillion – 14% of today’s global GDP by 2025.

Key Programmes


Grab the opportunity to grow your sustainable business by pitching at SSE 2018.

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Plenary Session

Gain better insights from industry leaders of relevant thematic areas in sharing their expertise.

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Meet and connect with like-minded professionals.

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